How to Get a $100 Loan Online and Fast

$100 may not seem like much to some people, but to others it can mean making it to payday with food in the cupboard or tires on the car. If you need $100 in quick cash, then applying for a fast, online loan may be the right move for you. No matter what your credit looks like, these lenders can get you approved quickly!

$100 Payday Loans – How Does it Work?

Payday loans are a form of short-term lending that relies on your job and payday schedule to get you approved for a loan. The loan amount is usually on the smaller side and will be repaid on your next payday (usually within 4 weeks of the loan funding date).

A 100 dollar payday loan can be requested quickly by using our online form. The entire lending process is handled online, which means you don’t have to fax documents or head to a loan facility to finalize your paperwork. The funds will be deposited into your account quickly, which is important when you are in a pinch!

Are There Limitations on How I Use my 100 Dollar Loan?

Once you receive your payday loan funds, you are free to use them to cover whatever expense you need. These loans should be used to cover emergency financial problems like medical bills, rent and utilities, lack of food, car issues, etc. 

These types of loans do not require you to declare the purpose of the loan, but it is important to remember that these short-term loans come with high interest rates. It is unwise to take out a payday loan for non-emergency purposes. Additionally, consistently using loans can create a cycle of financial dependency that is difficult to break. 

That is why you should only request the amount you need and never any extra. 

$100 Payday Loan – How to Know if You’re Eligible

Payday loans have a small list of eligibility standards for those who apply. Though some rules may change based on the state in which you live, typically the guidelines are as follows:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must be able to prove US citizenship or resident status
  • Must be able to prove income and pay schedule
  • Must have an active checking or savings account

The Easiest Way to Apply for a 100 Dollar Payday Loan 

The first step to applying for a $100 loan is to make sure you match the standard eligibility requirements as listed above. If you do, then all you have to do is fill out the loan request form on our site. The form will ask for your personal information and loan request amount. 

Once you have completed the form, simply click submit and we will usher your details off to our third-party lenders who will quickly determine if they are willing to approve your loan. When a lender approves you, you will be sent to their website to complete the process. 

On their site, you will be shown the terms for the loan and be able to read through the documents before deciding on the loan. 

How Can I Get a $100 Loan if I Have Bad Credit?

It is possible for payday lenders to give bad credit holders small loans because they base their approval decisions on the applicant’s work history and ability to repay in the short term. When traditional lenders check your credit, they need to be certain that you will be able to repay their loan over a long period of time. 

That isn’t a concern with payday lenders. 

As long as you have a steady paycheck and a bank account that the lender can withdraw their funds from, you are highly likely to be approved for a 100 dollar bad credit payday loan. 

Important Details about 100 Dollar Payday Loans

  • It is important to consider less expensive financial options before applying for a short-term loan (loans from friends, extra work shifts, etc.).
  • Payday loans are intended to cover financial emergencies and resolve short-term money issues. 
  • Using payday loans over and over again can lead to worse financial issues.
  • Payday loans are good for those who cannot be approved for traditional loans, but they have high interest rates (APR). 
  • Regulations regarding payday loans may change depending on the state in which you live. 
  • If you can’t repay your payday loan on time, you should contact your lender as early as possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a $100 Loan Near Me?

The easiest way to find a lender that can loan you $100 in your state is by filling in the form on our website. We will provide your information to the appropriate lenders in our base and quickly get your results to your request. 

How Quickly Can I Get my $100?

The funding cutoff times will vary based on the lender. However, many of our lenders are capable of depositing your money on the same day or by the following business day

Can I Get a 100 Dollar Payday Loan if I Have Bad Credit?

Yes! Payday loans are meant for people with bad credit, so you can feel safe to apply no matter how bad your credit looks. 

How Will I Get my $100?

If approved, your money will be directly deposited into your bank account. 

How Should I Use my $100?

Payday loans are intended to be used for emergency financial issues. These loans should not be used for frivolous spending and non-emergency situations, especially when other, less expensive financial options are available to you (family lending, contract work, etc.).