Payday Loans – No Hard Credit Checks and Guaranteed Approval

When you have bad credit and an emergency financial situation arises, you may think there is nowhere to turn. Luckily, there are short-term lending options like payday loans that care less about credit history and more about getting you cash quickly to overcome our financial issues. These loans have such low requirements that approval is practically guaranteed. 

Approval Guaranteed Payday Loans – How do They Work?

Payday loans that offer guaranteed approval are essentially the same as a short-term cash advance. These loans are based entirely on your job status and payment schedule. You are taking out a loan by guaranteeing that the lender can withdraw the loan amount plus interest on your next payday (within 4 weeks). The approval process for these loans doesn’t require a hard credit check, which means that the application process won’t affect your credit score, even if you are denied. 

Are Payday Loans the Only Kind of Guaranteed Approval Loan?

Though payday loans are likely the most popular kind of guaranteed approval loan, there are other options out there. For instance, installment loans. 

Installment loans also rely very little on credit history and do not perform hard credit checks during the application process. These loans are popular because you can request more and spread the payments out over an installment period. 

The loans from these types of loans can be received quickly, usually on the next business day after approval. 

Typically, the installment period for these loans is 2-24 months and the range of loan amounts extends up to around $5,000 in most states. 

Both types of loan can help people with bad credit who need to resolve a financial crisis, but the type of loan you choose should match your ability to repay. If you are unable to pay back a higher amount and maintain multiple installment payments, you should avoid applying for a guaranteed approval installment loan. 

My Credit is Really Bad. Can I get Approved for a Payday Loan?

Low credit scores do not have to stand between you and the money you need. Payday lenders don’t care about your credit score. In fact, the only thing on your general credit report they might notice is active, outstanding loans. 

Most lenders care about one major detail – that you have a job and a consistent paycheck. 

If a lender can see that you are going to be able to repay them in a short time frame and with interest, they have no reason to worry about your credit history or past issues with repayment. 

Am I Eligible for a Guaranteed Payday Loan?

It doesn’t take much to be eligible to apply for a payday loan, just meet the following requirements:

  • Be 18 or older
  • Be a US Citizen or have permanent resident status
  • Be able to prove you have steady income
  • Have access to a valid checking account
  • Provide a valid phone number and/or email address

There may be slight variations in requirements depending on the lender you use and your location, but those requirements will be given to you by the lender.

How Do I Apply for a Guaranteed Approval, Bad Credit Payday Loan?

Applying for a guaranteed payday loan is fast and easy! Start by filling out the request form on our site with accurate information. You will need all your personal details, including your social security number. 

When you hit submit, we will instantly provide your details to our third-party lenders so you can quickly receive approval for your loan. 

Once a lender approves you and makes you an offer, you will be redirected to their website, where you can view the terms of their offer. 

You will be able to take your time and read through the terms to determine if you are willing to approve the terms and sign the contract. If you do, all that is left is waiting for your funds to transfer into your account. 

Guaranteed Payday Loans – Facts to Consider

  • You should only request the amount of money you need to cover your financial emergency. Requesting more money than you need can lead to further financial issues. 
  • These loans are meant to be short-term financial solutions. Repeated use of these loans can lead to further financial issues. 
  • Different states have different laws regarding payday lending, APR caps, lending caps, repayment periods, etc. Be sure to check your local laws regarding payday lending. 
  • You should take the time to read all terms in your loan contract. If any terms are not to your standards, you should not sign the contract and accept the loan before asking for changes from the lender. If you accept the contract, all the terms are final. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply for a guaranteed approval payday loan with bad credit?

Yes! Those with bad credit are more likely to be approved for a payday loan than any other type of loan. Whether you have bad credit or no credit, you are welcome to apply for a payday loan. 

Am I guaranteed to get approval for a loan with bad credit?

100% approval is never guaranteed. However, payday lenders care more about your job status and payday schedule than they do about credit. In fact, they don’t even perform hard credit checks when assessing loan applicants. 

Does guaranteed approval mean everyone gets a loan?

No. Guaranteed payday loans are just loans with low requirements for approval. No loan approval is ever 100% guaranteed. 

Are bad credit loans legitimate?

Yes. Payday loans are legitimate forms of short-term lending and can help those with poor credit or no credit overcome financial crises. 

Do payday lenders make hard credit checks?

No. Payday lenders only perform soft credit checks, which do not affect your credit in any way.