Bad Credit Payday Loans That Don’t Check Teletrack

Financial emergencies do not discriminate between those with good credit and bad. So, when people with bad credit run into a financial crisis, what should they do? Traditional lenders are likely to refuse aid to those with poor credit, even if collateral is offered. Plus, the traditional lending process is time consuming. 

That’s why no-Teletrack loans are such a popular choice. 

These loans are not only great for getting funds quickly, but they don’t rely on the same credit reporting as traditional loans to make approval decisions. So, no matter how bad your credit is, a no-Teletrack payday loan is a viable option for receiving emergency funds in a hurry. 

What is a No-Teletrack Payday Loan?

To understand what a No-Teletrack payday loan is, we first have to learn about Teletrack. 

Teletrack is a credit reporting system, similar to Equifax, where lenders can check on an applicant’s level of trustworthiness and likelihood to repay a loan. Many lenders use Teletrack as a way to avoid checking credit through the major bureaus, but some people want to avoid having their Teletrack report considered during the lending process. 

That is where a no-Teletrack loan comes into play. 

A no-Teletrack loan would avoid checking credit history and instead focus on current bank account standing and proof of an upcoming payday. Many payday lenders realize that the ability to repay within 4-weeks is a much more important detail than Teletrack credit history. 

Is Teletrack the Same as other Credit Tracking Systems?

Teletrack is very similar to the Equifax reporting system and lenders that utilize Teletrack are offering legitimate and well-vetted loans. Though Teletrack shows a glimpse at your credit history and reliability, it isn’t the same as the three main credit bureaus.

Checking the main credit bureaus is called a hard credit check and it negatively affects your credit score whether or not you are approved and whether or not you choose to accept the loan. 

A No-Teletrack payday loan is essentially a loan with no credit check and nearly guaranteed approval, which is highly desirable to those with bad credit. 

How to Find a No-Teletrack Payday Loan

Finding a No-Teletrack payday loan is as simple as filling in our online form. Include your information and loan request amount and we will send the application off for instant approval from one of our many, partnered lenders. 

Once you receive your approval, you will be directed to the lender’s site to view the terms of your loan. If you approve of the terms, you can move forward with the contract signing process so you can receive your funds as quickly as possible. 

The Top Six Perks of No-Teletrack Payday Loans

  1. All Credit Welcome – One benefit to loans that don’t check credit tracking systems is that there is no need to have a high credit score. The approval for these loans is based on your current work status and proven ability to repay a loan over a short time frame. 
  1. No Credit Checks – Since there are no credit checks, there is no risk that your credit score will be marked or lowered due to a credit check taking place.
  2. Faxless Application – There is no need to fax in hard copies of documentation. All information is passed electronically, which saves time and makes the application process far easier than traditional lending.
  3. Safe and Secure – Loans applied to through our form are safe and secure. Your data is encrypted and only shared with the lenders in our network.

Transparency – You will have the ability to check your loan terms before signing any documents. The interest rates, repayment period, penalty terms, and everything else are transparently discussed in the documents to keep you fairly informed at all times.